DuPont™Corian® solid surface ( – an exclusive product of DuPont – is an advanced composite material delivering superior levels of functionality and aesthetical performance for flat and curved surfacing applications in residential, public and commercial environments, indoor and outdoor.

DuPont™Corian® is successfully used worldwide by thousands of architects, designers, professionals and companies to create interior design, furnishing, lighting and architectural solutions for a wide range of sectors and very differentiated applications.

- DuPont™Corian® can be formed into virtually any shape or design a designer can mastermind  whether that”s a softly rounded ergonomic desk, an intricately carved decorative pillar, or a 12 metres long reception desk .

- DuPont™Corian® is easily shaped and fabricated: it can be modelled via thermoforming and can be worked like wood to achieve numerous decorative effects  edges can be rounded, surfaces can be engraved or sand-blasted with intricate designs, images can be transferred on the surface via sublimation technique, surface can be treated via CNC machine routing or via the controlled application of heat and pressure.

- DuPont™Corian® is joined with inconspicuous seams, so designers are not restrained by size  massive structures appear to have been crafted from a single piece of DuPont™Corian®.

- With a versatile portfolio of 72 colours now available, DuPont™Corian® can fit in with any colour scheme from classic whites or pastel shades to ultra-modern, dramatic brights, textured or shimmering hues. If the colour desired is not available, DuPont™Corian® also offers a custom colour service.

- DuPont™Corian® has a unique translucency which gives the material an extra dimension when light is added, and makes it an ideal choice for lighting designs. The colour palette includes also a series of colours providing enhanced translucency.

- DuPont™Corian® looks great alone or when combined with other materials such as natural wood, stone, glass or stainless steel.

- DuPont™Corian® withstands a lot of wear and tear – even the heavy abuse received in high traffic commercial environments. Where scratches and cuts do occur, these are easily removable, while more serious damage can generally be repaired on-site with the minimum of inconvenience.

- Non-porous and joined with inconspicuous seams, DuPont™Corian® is very hygienic and easy to clean. Its hygienic performances, superior to those of many conventional materials.


DuPont™Corian® are a trademark and a registered trademark of E.I.du Pont de Nemours and Company or its affiliates.
In addition to DuPont™Corian®, DuPont is also producing DuPont™, a solid surface material which offers good technical and functional properties and performance in addition to aesthetic quality. DuPont™ Montelli® is available in a variety of versatile colours with different patterns, meeting a variety of stylistical requirements.VIEW CATALOG PRODUCT ENQUIRY 
DuPont™ and Montelli® are a trademark and a registered trademark of E.I.du Pont de Nemours and Company or its affiliates.
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