Inlays & Edge Banding

Chabros offers a wide range of decorative veneer inlays and Edge Banding, which will add value and beauty to many interior applications such ascabinets, furniture, doors, hand rails, chair rails, counter edges and evengame boards and jewellery boxes.


Bandings and inlays can transform a plain panel into an attractive piece of decorative woodwork.

Bandings: are plain or patterned strips of veneer used to create decorative borders. You can make your own, but commercially produced bandings offer a wide choice and come ready to use.

Inlays: are marquetry motifs used as ornamental features, usually in the centre of a plain or banded panel. Commercially made inlays are relatively simple to apply to either veneered or solidwood surfaces. As well as traditional geometric patterns you can buy a wide range of pictorial motifs. Woodworkers often hand-lay individual motifs, but it is best to use cauls when laying veneer assemblies.


Stringing lines and bandings are made from selected woods and are usually sold in 1m (3ft 3in) lengths. Because the color of the wood and the sizes of stringings and bandings can vary between batches, it is always worth buying more than the minimum required for any project.

Stringing lines: The fine strips of wood used to divide areas of veneer are called stringing lines or stringings. Made in flat or square sections (the latter being used for inlaying edges), they are inserted to provide a light or dark boundary between different kinds of veneer or where the grain direction changes. Although traditionally stringings were made from boxwood or ebony, black-dyed wood is now more common. Stringing lines can be cut by laser out of veneer leaves to the desirable width and length.

Banding strips: are available in various widths, edged with black or boxwood stringings. Made from side-grain section of coloured woods, glued together and sliced, they are about 1mm (1/32in) thick. Cross bandings are strips of veneer cut across the grain to provide decorative borders to panels. They can be cut either from the veneer that is used to cover the panel of rom another suitable straight-grain veneer.

Decorative bandings/inlays can be selected of a wide range CHABROS offers.

Since most decorative inlay work is done by integrating the inlay in the veneer sheet prior to bonding to groundwork, its essential that inlays used are of high quality so the thickness on the inlay strip does not vary along the strip and from one strip to another, ensuring no problems are generated later to bonding and especially after polishing. (Inlay thickness should match the veneer its integrated with).

Inferior quality strips can be detected by the holes a raw strip offers and when measuring thickness by a special tool.


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