Korus is a lightweight and exceptionally stable particleboard produced from the sticks of a flowering plant whose genus derives its name from the ancient Greek word Korkoros. It is naturally voluminous and has natural characteristics which aid fire resistance and sound reduction. It has outstanding enviromental benefits as the plant is an annually renewable resource with ahigh biomass production per unit of land area.


*100% non-wood
*Enviroment-friendly :- It has a much higher biological efficiency than wood -using this product helps to reduce deforestation

*Natural Stability

*Natural Fire Resistance

*Natural Sound Reduction

*Naturally Lightweight


Ideal material for doors, furniture, counters, worktops, roof boarding, partitioning walls, packaging and warehouse shelves.

Working with KORUS

KORUS can be cut by a hand or power saw and machined (routed, spindled, planed and bored) with normal woodworking machinery. Tungsten carbide cutting edges are recommended for use with powered tools. Conventional woodworking fixings and techniques can be applied to KORUS which provides good holding power for screw fixings into the panel faces; generally edge fixing is not recommended. For bonding wood to KORUS it is recommended to use a high solids content adhesive with low flowing properties such as polyvinyl acetate (PVA).





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