DuPont Corian® – renewed EMEA colours palette and Milan week of design

The renewal of the colour palette of DuPont Corian® high-tech surface for EMEA is now a reality: the new colours will be available, as of June 1, 2012, and we will be able to offer colour solutions better meeting precise application requirements (like kitchen, furnishing, exterior cladding or healthcare, to make some examples) while perfectly reflecting the typical key attributes and promises of Corian® brand in terms of performance, quality and durability.

The new communication and marketing tools new display boxes, new literature, new iphone and iPad applications, elegant and user-friendly supports, tailored on the needs of specific target audiences – have been developed and are in production stage. Their look and feel  which s great and will mark again a significant difference with competition – is embargoed for a few other weeks: on April 16 they will be disclosed internationally on the web site, dedicated to the new colours and to the activities and tools concerning the launch of the new colours.

The new colours are being pre-launched (together with the new communication tools) at Milan week of design, through the international design exhibition Corian® Colour Evolution  a journey into design beauty with DuPont Corian®.

Four dynamic furnishing companies from France, Germany, Italy and UK with their designers and with the assistance of four top-class fabricators of DuPont Corian®, will demonstrate the potential of the new colours of DuPont Corian®, used alone or in combination with other materials. The furnishing companies are Moustache (associated to Crea Diffusion); e15 (with Industrie-Manufaktur Hasenkopf); TAO Esterno (with Altha); Rabih Hage (with Clarendon Fabrications).

To know more about Corian® Colour Evolution, you can visit dedicated web site and also access

The second exhibition we organize at the Milan week of design Corian® springs Russian design. focussed on the fundamental market of Russia, is also in advanced development stage: all the pieces (conceived by a group of talented Russian architects and designers) have been fabricated by Artishock, leading Russian fabricator, and will be installed at Corian® Design Studio Milano the week of April 9. To know more about this exhibition and to download the invitation, visit Among the most recent good news, a leading Russian magazine has contacted us asking to become media partner of the exhibition.

DuPont and Corian® are a trademark and a registered trademark of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company or its affiliates.

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