Marquetry & Parquetry


Wood veneer has long been used as a decorative medium, and the diversity of natural figure and colour has provided craftsmen with a rich palette from which to cut and assemble the decorative patterns and pictures known as marquetry. Requiring skilful handiwork, marquetry is often employed by woodworkers to embellish door panels and table tops. There are also legions of marquetarians who specialize in producing highly complex works of art from veneer. In old days, these motifs used to be done using special knives and tools. Nowadays, computerized laser cutters are used in cutting different types of veneer then by hand they are laid together to form the required decorative shape. The need for laser cutters, not only is required for fast production, it offers immaculate cutting precision that knives cannot offer especially in a time a project can not allow the time needed for a hand to cut different types of veneer in the right accuracy and high quality.

CHABROS, with its laser-equipped marquetry work shop and long experience in the field side to side with the stock availability of all veneer types, offers one of the most reliable services in terms of quality and fast delivery.


Parquetry is similar to marquetry in every way but consists of pieces of veneer arranged in geometric patterns or motifs. Despite its apparent simplicity, it is possible to create many variations on a basic design, using veneers of different species, colour and tone cut into square, rectangular, triangular, diamond or polygonal shapes. Veneer used for marquetry panels of the standard thickness 0.6 mm. However, parquetry requires thicker veneer for durability being subject to foot traffic and loads (furniture pieces). Thicker veneer can be still cut by laser. Decorative solid wood parquetry is done with us using different technology in cutting solid pieces before they go for assembly on a substrate of birch ply.


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