Mother of pearl

No doubt, it is a design marvel!

It is one of the most beautiful of nature”s objects. Each Mother of Pearl, Abalone and Paua, a unique expression of art.

Pearls have fascinated mankind; for thousands of years they have been objects of desire.Now it is possible to yield magnificent pearls unmatched in their range of colors, luster, and iridescence.

Astonishing are the properties of this primitive marine shell that man is still attempting to mimic in labs. It is literary one of the toughest material on earth. It absorbs and reflects light, and when alive, it is self healing, repairing cracks and punctures over time as if by magic.

The finest qualities of Mother of Pearl (MOP) and Paua / Abalone Veneer sheetsfor commercial and residential, interior and exterior applications, art craft and wood work, are now available with Chabros. Supported with the latest-to-come laser cutters for obtaining the desired shape of pearl with the finest hair line cutting that the majesty of this material deserves.

We supply a great selection of shell laminates for use in furniture making and inlay works.Also, we supply customized laser-cut curves, strips, and motifs in any type of shell laminates.

Applications: Furniture, doors, panels, counters, wall cladding, column cladding, desks, chests and jewelry boxes, accessories and decorative pieces, cigar boxes, yacht interiors, and many other applications.

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