The new lightness of stone

Light. Flexible. Ultra-thin. The first stone a woodworker can process.

Stone-Veneer® is a real stone from split Slates, Quartzite slates, and Sandstone that can be used for interior applications such as furniture, wall and floor, bathrooms and kitchens, retail interiors, vehicle & ship interior and other interior design applications. Furniture and delicate interiors can now be designed with a natural surface of Stone, which was not possible in the past with heavy solid slates.

Stone-Veneer® comes in sheets with approximate thickness of 1 to 2.5mm. The rough split surface and the changing colours make each sheet a unique piece and an adventure for the senses. It is available with Fleece back which is compatible with all common glues & adhesives.

Stone-Veneer® is available in 12 unique stone types; the variety of colours and the natural appeal to all the senses make this architectural material very attractive.

It’s time to release your innovation…without limits!