HPL & Compact Laminates

As the authorized distributor of Merino High Pressure Laminates, the worlds 3rd largest manufacturer of decorative laminates, Chabros is pleased to introduce the latest trends with this range of HPL& Compact laminates which consist of attractive  designs and brand new finishes including Wave, Leather, Cement and 3D Flicker effects among others.

Available in over 400 designs, 32 finishes and 10 different sizes, these laminates create an aesthetic look and offer its customers a dynamic range to choose from.

Merino Decorative Interior Grade Laminates are suitable for a wide range of applications such as home furniture items, wall linings, column claddings, doors, shelves, table tops, work-tops, counters, vanity units, cubicles, lift linings, store fittings, displays, check-out desks, office partitions, storage units etc.




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